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Tivoli and its magnificent villas!

A few kilometers from Rome, there is a small town that is definitely worth a visit:


Formerly known as “Tibur“, it is an ancient and important city of Roman times, which boasts of being older than Rome and today is very famous in the world thanks to its magnificent villas, Villa d’Este, Villa Adriana and Villa Gregoriana.
Located in the Roman countryside, on the slopes of the Tiburtini mountains, washed by the Aniene river, Tivoli, is famous for its good food and for the artists who since the seventeenth century came to visit the ancient Tibur, especially the well-known temple of the Sibilla. The three Villas of Tivoli are unanimously considered the highest symbol of the beauty and charm of the ancient Tibur. Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List while the Park of Villa Gregoriana is a property managed by the FAI.
Do not miss: the water features and fountains of Villa d’Este; the majesty of the complex of Villa Adriana, the largest ever belonged to a Roman emperor, its floors and walls made of precious marble; the beautiful natural park of Villa Gregoriana, where waterfalls, waterfalls, paths, woods and Roman ruins create a unique setting.

  • Villa Adriana

    Villa Adriana, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the archaeological symbol of Tivoli; ancient home of Emperor Hadrian, testifies to the magnificence of the Roman Empire.

  • Villa d’Este

    Villa d’Este is one of the treasures of Tivoli, a splendid example of Renaissance architecture included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites.

  • Villa Gregoriana

Villa Gregoriana is the postcard of Tivoli, an enchanting green park managed by the FAI and characterized by woods, caves, paths and a waterfall.

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